About us

Brian Tomlinson is a Buckinghamshire based photographer, with over 20 years experience producing captivating and artistic photos in and around Milton Keynes. Recently Brian decided to test his abilities further by producing a collection of liquid art prints from within his studio. The range of creative ink art photographs that you can find here available to order as prints today were the result of his experimentation.

It is Brian’s creativity that keeps his work interesting and it is his passion for pushing the boundaries of his photographic talents that have resulted in the creation of his enchanting ink and water prints. The pictures are created using high-speed photography to capture the second that the ink reaches the water, a moment that cannot be witnessed in all its beauty by the human eye.

Alongside his studio-based ink artwork, Brian also works as a photographer covering portraits, pets, scenery, weddings and events, wildlife, and even dabbles in video production.